Savina Hopkins

Band-aid collage portraits by Savina Hopkins (via Visual Fodder)

Next Artists Guide # 16

Collage by Robin Isley "Astray" by Ania Tomicka Photography by Marius Sperlich  | Make up by Kristin Røs Photography by Elnaz Abedi Illustration by Paul Thurlby Photography by Li Hui

Next Artists Guide # 15

Light installation by Alex Da Corte (via This isn't happiness) Collage by Blanca Araoz Photography by Maia Flore "Filling Spaces" by Federico Piccirillo 3D sculpture by Adam Martinakis Artwork by Boldtron...

Alma Haser

Artworks by Alma Haser (previously featured here and here)

Rocio Montoya

Collages by Rocio Montoya (previously featured here and here)